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8 Tips to Live Independently as a Senior

A lot of people prefer to live independently, seniors included! It’s not so bad, really. Living on your own can be a good thing for your mental health. All you need to do is to take some precautions to make sure you can stay safe and healthy even when you are on your own: Know … Continue reading

Behind Future Expectations Community Care Services

Future Expectations Community Care Services wouldn’t be standing for 13 years now (and counting!) if it weren’t for her level of professional expertise. Well, it really wouldn’t be surprising if you take a look at how efficient and competent Joshlan Raymo had been in the field of skilled nursing care: Joshlan started out as a … Continue reading

5 Dangerous Complications You Can Avoid, Thanks to Regular Blood Sugar Monitoring

Diabetes is a disease that arises from the increased blood sugar/glucose in the blood. This happens when insulin (a hormone necessary for the absorption of glucose) is impaired or unavailable. As a result, glucose remains stagnant in the bloodstream and cannot be used a source of energy. Instead, it spreads out and negatively affects several … Continue reading

What Can a Personal Care Attendant Do for You?

Whether you’re an in-home care patient or the family member of one, there’s a lot that a personal care attendant can do for you. Let’s first focus on “you as the in-home care patient scenario”. So you’re at home receiving care but are really unable to do anything else. Your fragile health, as well as … Continue reading