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4 Skin Care Tips for the Elderly

4 Skin Care Tips for the Elderly

It is natural for the skin to change as people grow older. Have you ever noticed your elderly loved one’s skin? Their skin might be rough or sagging unlike that of a younger person’s skin. As people age, the skin also becomes more vulnerable to cuts, wounds, or blisters. Here are some skin care tips for the elderly:

  1. Avoid using unknown soaps, lotions, or skin care products.
    Always use skin care products which have been recommended by the dermatologist. Use skin care products that have mild chemicals in it. Organic options may also work well for an aging skin. To be sure, you may visit your dermatologist. Caregivers may accompany you in your next consultation with the doctor as part of their community care services in Natchitoches, LA.
  2. Change the sheets and pillowcases regularly.
    Bedbugs and other harmful elements might be hiding in your bed. These bugs and bacteria might not be seen by our naked eye. Most of the time, the elderly experiences skin care problems due to the beds they are lying in every day. That is why it is important to maintain the cleanliness of one’s surroundings, especially in changing the sheets and pillowcases in your elderly loved one’s bedroom. As a part of community care in Alexandria, LA, caregivers will help you clean up your household to ensure your good health.
  3. Wear only what’s comfortable.
    Another problem being faced by the elderly is that they acquire skin care problems due to the clothes they wear. You may help your elderly loved one with this matter by letting them wear clothes that are appropriate to the weather. Or you may disregard clothes that are too tight or too rough for your elderly loved one. It is also important to wash these clothes frequently and thoroughly.
  4. Don’t scratch or rub too hard on your skin.
    When bathing, your elderly loved one should not rub their skin to make it clean. If your elderly loved one allows, you may assist them in bathing and cleaning their skin. If ever they feel an itch on their skin during a regular day, remind them of not scratching the affected area. Lotions may help alleviate this problem. It also advised that the elderly must not be allowed to stay in a very hot or very warm environment for a long time. Only a moderate room temperature will help.

We should all take care of our skin, no matter how old we are. We should also be responsible for maintaining it and preventing it from being affected by certain health conditions. Future Expectations Community Care provides unparalleled home and community care in Winnfield, LA. Our team will help improve your independence and ensure that all your needs are met. Whether young or old, we will always be here to help you out.

Do you have any other skin care tips for the elderly? Feel free to share it with us. You may call us at 318-648-9697. Or you may send us a message at We are looking forward to your responses!

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