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5 Dangerous Complications You Can Avoid, Thanks to Regular Blood Sugar Monitoring

5 Dangerous Complications You Can Avoid, Thanks to Regular Blood Sugar Monitoring
Diabetes is a disease that arises from the increased blood sugar/glucose in the blood. This happens when insulin (a hormone necessary for the absorption of glucose) is impaired or unavailable.

As a result, glucose remains stagnant in the bloodstream and cannot be used a source of energy. Instead, it spreads out and negatively affects several organ systems in the body.

The complications that arise from diabetes include:

  • Loss of vision

    Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that develops when the Increased blood glucose affects the blood vessels around the eyes. This causes those vessels to leak fluid through and eventually cause blindness if left untreated.

  • Skin problems and delayed wound healing

    The increased levels of glucose in the blood damage the nerves which in turn causes poor blood circulation. Blood cells are needed for tissue repair and to heal wounds in the skin. With poor blood circulation, diabetics are more prone to infections on the skin since their wounds don’t heal as they should.

  • Numbness of extremities

    Diabetic neuropathy, the clinical term coined for the nerve damage brought on by increased levels of glucose in the blood. This complication may start out as a numb, tingling, prickling sensation that can be felt in the hands, feet, and digits. Eventually, it can worsen and lead to nerve pain.

  • Kidney and Heart problems

    Kidneys work in tandem with the heart and blood vessels to regulate your blood pressure. But when the blood vessels are compromised, the heart and the kidneys have to work harder to keep it at a normal level. The continued added strain over the years affects the heart and kidneys, leading to additional health problems.

  • Vascular cognitive impairment or vascular dementia

    The brain needs blood rich in nutrients and oxygen to perform all its functions. However, in the case of diabetics where the blood vessels and nerves take damage; the brain struggles with the upkeep. This results in changes in thinking known as vascular cognitive impairment or vascular dementia.

But all these can be efficiently avoided with regular blood glucose monitoring!

Paired with effective medication management; this will prevent your blood glucose level from rising high enough to cause damage to the various parts of your body such as your eyes, nerves, blood vessels, heart, kidneys, and even your brain.

Blood glucose monitoring is one of the many nursing skills Joshlan Raymo, the CEO of Future Expectations Community Care Services has practiced and mastered throughout the years of her career.

And on that note, she established a company that provides home and community care in Winnfield, LA to extend this service right to your doorstep.

Don’t let diabetes put a roadblock to your dreams!
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