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The Reasons to Keep a Pet and What to Expect

The Reasons to Keep a Pet and What to Expect
Been thinking of ways to make your days as a senior brighter and more active? Aside from the companionship of your Personal Care Attendant, have you considered taking care of a pet like a dog or a cat? Or are you afraid of not knowing what to expect? Future Expectations Community Care Services is here to give you a heads up on the benefits of having a pet. As key providers of home and community care in Winnfield, LA and community care services in Natchitoches, LA, we will elaborate on the different things that can help prop up your lifestyle as a senior. Some benefits of having a pet include:

  • Unconditional love – If you’re a dog owner, you’d find your furry friend following you, giving you doggy kisses, and waiting for your call. Cats are just as loving and fun to be around. But cats can be less active than dogs as well so if you’re looking for a more laid back pet, cats would be a good match for you.
  • Alleviated stress – Seeing your pet’s anticipation for your return and companionship, you can’t help but feel warm and happy. In particular, there are trained dogs called therapy dogs wherein interaction with these pets—or any loving pet—reduces our stress. Mainly, we feel stressed out due to the hormone called cortisol. However, cortisol production lowers due to oxytocin or ‘the love hormone’ our body releases when we caress our furry companions.
  • Promotion of exercise and companionship – Your dog can be a your exercise buddy and walking them can be a great exercise for you. Dogs need their walks and, as a senior, daily walks are a great exercise option for you. Walks are light but they can give you benefits such as improvement of cardiovascular health and lower risk of common diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes.
  • Encourage and motivate you to go out and enjoy the outside world – A simple walk in the park or by the beach is a great change of view and your pet will love it just as much as you do. Not only do you get exercise with a great companion, but you also get to see sceneries and get some fresh air.
  • Protect you and help you take care of yourself – With the right training, pets can really help you with your daily routine. When you live alone, pets, especially dogs, can help guard your home and protect you. Homes guarded by dogs tend to be more secure since our furry companions just love to bark at strangers.

Envisioning yourself as a pet owner? That’s great! You don’t have to worry about taking care of your pet as well because we are here to help. Being your personal care attendants, we attend to your requests including the maintenance of your lifestyle. We’d be happy to help you take care of yourself and your pet. For inquiries on your services, feel free calling us at 318-648-9697 or 877-648-9697. You can also visit us at to know more.

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