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5 Tips for Seniors on How to Stay Warm and Comfy

5 Tips for Seniors on How to Stay Warm and Comfy
Easily feeling cold? Don’t panic, Future Expectations Community Care Services can give you a few tips that can warm you up for the coming cold season:

  1. When going out to a cold setting, be in full gear – In your need for warmth, you may want to wear a thick jacket, ear warmers, warm socks, gloves, and a scarf. Each piece of clothing helps protects specific areas that get cold.
  2. Choose materials that warm you up – Fabric types in clothing such as wool, silk, cable knits, and even cotton help keep you warm during colder seasons. Before making a purchase, check the material of your coat or ask help in looking for these items.
  3. Incorporate a nice warm soup to your meals – Dressing warm is better paired with a nice bowl of soup during meal times. In addition to the warmth soup gives, soups are also easy to make and can be served in more than one meal setting. Soups are easily reheated and easier to digest compared to solid food as well.
  4. Tea time can also be an alternative over soupDrinking tea can also help warm us up if we’re not really into soup. Tea also gives us a calming feeling so enjoying your tea with your favorite show or a book or with a friend is a nice activity you’d want to try.
  5. When sleeping, choose warm thick blankets – Fleece and wool are ideal material for the cold. Some blankets incorporate both materials as well.

Shopping for blankets or any warm weather clothing material is easier when you have someone to help you, so don’t hesitate on asking your Personal Care Attendant. Providing you with a home and community care in Winnfield, LA and a community care is the fulfillment of our roles and services. These compel us to give our full efforts on enhancing your quality of life. We’re glad to have you in our care and we look forward to hearing from you.

For inquiries on our services, you may contact us at 318-648-9697 or 877-648-9697. If you want to read similar articles that help you get through day-to-day activities, you can visit our Blog Page.

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